DMS 5-Axis with 48” ‘Z’ Height Clearance (Qty. 1)

DMS 3-Axis with 7” ‘Z’ Height Clearance (Qty. 2)​

DMS 3-Axis with 15” ‘Z’ Height Clearance (Qty. 1)

Programming/Design Software

  • Mastercam 2017/2018 CAM Software_Advanced Mill & Multi-Axis

  • Rhino V5

Material Capability

  • Aluminium, Composite Materials, Nomex, Aerocell, Graphite, Carbon Fiber (honeycomb), Plastics, Acrylic, Polyethylene, Solid Surface, Polyurethane Foam (any density), Ren Shape, EPS (with cosmetic finishes), MDF, MDO, FoamBoard

Fabrication Capability

  • Solid Surface Thermoforming, Billet Creation, Pattern Machining, Compression Mold Creation, Dye Sublimation, Printed Surfaces, Wood Construction/Assembly

Other Equipment

  • Panel Saw, Hydraulic Press, Large Scale Thermoforming Oven, Table Saws, Drill Press, Compound Mitre Saws, Finish Sanding Tools, Dust Collection